Daltron Training

I will be posting news and updates of my Training sessions here. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Daltron Commercial Training Team
front row: l-r Aiyung Safatos, Hilai, Alova Sere, Evodia Palangat
back row: l-r Picky Airi, Noel Oriave, Christine Oa, Felicia Tau, Susanne Pala, Claire Igua, Bubuto Gabe
The photo above shows the full Training Team. Since the photo was taken, Evodia and Aiyung have left the team. The photo below was a little gift to Evodia from the Training Team. She has since left and is with another company. Thanks alot Evo for all the memories.

Farewell photo for Evodia Palangat

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