Sunday, November 11, 2012

MMJV-Hidden Valley Training Experience

Hi all,

PSD Training Office, HV
As I promised to put up some news about some of my trainings, here's my onsite training experience with Morobe Mining Joint Venture - Hidden Valley mine.

MMJV has engaged Daltron Training for the first time to conduct some application trainings up at its Hidden Valley campsite, Morobe. We usually have some of their staff come down to our training center to attend trainings but this is the first time they have asked for a trainer hire onsite to conduct some courses.

As a result I have been tasked with the training and am currently up here in Hidden Valley campsite. I am writing this blog from the HR Professional Services Division - Training Office.

Friday 9th Nov, 2012
I arrived at Bulolo airstrip at around 8.00am in the morning and waited for about an hour before the driver took me on a two hour 45km drive uphill to the campsite. The weather was fine so the scenery was really beautiful. The weather got colder as we climbed to the peak of the ridges. After passing through two checkpoints, we finally arrived at the camp site. I was pretty much excited as this was my first onsite training to a mine operation site. After all the usuall security checks and visitor ID pass was given, I was finally taken to the administration building where room keys were given for the next two weeks I'll be spending at the camp.

Saturday 10th Nov.
The weather was very cold up here at the camp and I had to double jackets just to keep myself warm. After breakfast, the Training team had to take me on a short tour of the office and basically where I'll be spending most of the day for the rest of my stay here. Like all other mines, its compulsory that you must be dressed in proper PPE's everyday. My company had arranged for my PPE's before I came up here so I was very much prepared on my side as well. (hehe)

Sunday 11th Nov.
A full day of induction for all new faces in the camp especially new recruits, visitors, and contractors alike. Quite an exhausting day of presentations about the mine and its operations and the different arms or departments that look after each area. There was one presentation that really caught my attention and I learnt something new in it. It was the Search & Rescue Fire presentation. I never really gave a though about the different fire extinguishers and types of fire and which extinguishers to use to put them off. This talk and practical session really opened my eyes and thought me a very valuable lesson. Now I think I know the different types of fire extinguishers that are in our office back at DTC and where and how to use them. Thanks MMJV for this experience and lesson. :)

 Training Commences
Excel 2010 Introduction
We started the Excel 2010 Introduction training on the 13th and finished on the 14th of November. The two days of training was an interesting one. Here are some of the training shots.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pikson Claudy Airi: My TechTips

Pikson Claudy Airi: My TechTips: Welcome to Pikson Airi's Tech Tips page. This is where I post tips and tricks from my own experience as a freelance PC tech, suggestions, an...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Career change

Hello everyone.
It has been a while since my last post here on my blog. Sure need to update you on the long absence.
After leaving school, I joined Institute of Business Studies, PNG as an assistant lecturer in the School of Computing. One would probably think why I decided to teach, well firstly, while still a final year student I was asked by our Head of Department, InforSys to tutor the first years in my department. I took the opportunity and thought it was just going to end there after the year finished. However, IBS recruited me as an assistant lecturer for the School of Computing straight after I finished school. Basically that is where my interest in the field of teaching grew.
After spending about four to five months with IBS, I moved over to Daltron and joined their Commercial Training Team as a Trainer and have been with them till today as I write this blog from the Training room (hehehe).
This year is about to end and it has been a long and tough journey for me. Alot of drastic changes have taken place and alot more coming in terms of my personal life and professional career.
Being with Daltron Training has exposed my talents and skills to a whole new dimension and I'm sure learning a lot of things here. This has also gauged my interest to venture in the Learning & Development field. I hope to become a L&D Consultant in the near future...something I am working towards.
Anyway, I will definitely post some news and events about my Training here at DTC and probably some onsite training as well.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jnr. Toastmasters Kaikai - Divine Word University

The Jnr. Toastmasters Club of Divine Word University

Kaikai at Mr. Passilabban's House - DWU, Madang.

We had our graduation kaikai at Mr. Pasilabban's house on Saturday 16th October. It was fun-filled! We had lots of games and fun before we set out to finish my favourite Filipino dish - "Pansid", I don't know how its spelled but mate I gotta tell you its nice...and we also had cake and ummm...steamed buns!! mmm...yummy...!!!hehehe....yeh it was fun. Thanks Mr Pasilabban and all the Jnr. Toastmasters Graduants of 2010. YOU'RE THE BEST!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kalibobo Spirit Trip around Madang town.

 Trip aboard Kalibobo Spirit, Madang. Courtesy of Sir Peter Barter 

 I think this is already late for me to put this up but I gotta show this to you all. This is realy cool...We had a trip aboard Kalibobo spirit around Madang town (coourtesy of Madang Resort - Sir Peter Barter) after all the debates were over. It was just wonderful and everyone realy enjoyed the day coz onboard with us was Sir Peter Barter, the owner of the boat and his crew plus some of the debate officials. We got on the jet ski with Peter as well and we all had a great time together...just the best way to celebrate.

Man it was just so much fun!!!


Up on the top deck. (Reginald, Me, Gloria, Angie & Fabien)
View from the top deck.
A few drinks to cool off the hot sun. (Danny, Reginald, Me)
Getting onboard Kalibobo Spirit

UPNG Team & Danny

The 2010 National HIV Youth Debate Team Photos nice pics...hehehe..Here are the teams that took part.

Team DWU

f/row; Deborah P.,Isidore S.,Reginald M.,Danny P. b/row; Fabien H.,Picky A.,Gloria A.,Allan K.

Team PAU

Team Goroka





This is the whole group of students who took part. The photo was taken inside DWU Staff Dining Hall

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 National HIV Youth Debate

2010 National HIV Youth Debate.

The PNG National HIV Youth Debates, that was held in Divine Word University was a success. The NHYD, an initiative of Sir Peter Barter National Aids Council Chairman took place during the month of June for almost a week and the event was well attended by all students and local Madang town residents and some distinguished guests as well.

Schools that took part include Divine Word University (host), University of PNG, University of Technology, Pacific Adventist University, University of Goroka and the University of Natural Resources, Vudal. The debates were held for 3 days and all schools took part. I was the team leader for the DWU Team and here is a photo of the team.
(From l-r: Danny P, Gloria A, Isidore S, Mellisa K, Fabien H, Allan K, and Me. Deborah P missing)
All schools had to form two teams to compete and all teams took part but only DWU and PAU went into the finals, it was a pretty tough but I guess one sided debate. The results were to our dismay, we thought we got it...but the win was given to PAU. The chief adjudicator for the final debate was a student from UOG and it was so obvious after the debate that the win was DWU's but that didnt happen. but anyway we really enjoyed the event and looking foward to the next debates. This time DWU is taking the trophy back. We were runner-ups this year but not next year.
All the Best to our next years team. GO DIWAI!!