Thursday, September 27, 2012

Career change

Hello everyone.
It has been a while since my last post here on my blog. Sure need to update you on the long absence.
After leaving school, I joined Institute of Business Studies, PNG as an assistant lecturer in the School of Computing. One would probably think why I decided to teach, well firstly, while still a final year student I was asked by our Head of Department, InforSys to tutor the first years in my department. I took the opportunity and thought it was just going to end there after the year finished. However, IBS recruited me as an assistant lecturer for the School of Computing straight after I finished school. Basically that is where my interest in the field of teaching grew.
After spending about four to five months with IBS, I moved over to Daltron and joined their Commercial Training Team as a Trainer and have been with them till today as I write this blog from the Training room (hehehe).
This year is about to end and it has been a long and tough journey for me. Alot of drastic changes have taken place and alot more coming in terms of my personal life and professional career.
Being with Daltron Training has exposed my talents and skills to a whole new dimension and I'm sure learning a lot of things here. This has also gauged my interest to venture in the Learning & Development field. I hope to become a L&D Consultant in the near future...something I am working towards.
Anyway, I will definitely post some news and events about my Training here at DTC and probably some onsite training as well.


  1. hello Mr Airi...I will be waiting for your tips...

    1. Hi bro, good...will definitely put up a load of tips..