Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kalibobo Spirit Trip around Madang town.

 Trip aboard Kalibobo Spirit, Madang. Courtesy of Sir Peter Barter 

 I think this is already late for me to put this up but I gotta show this to you all. This is realy cool...We had a trip aboard Kalibobo spirit around Madang town (coourtesy of Madang Resort - Sir Peter Barter) after all the debates were over. It was just wonderful and everyone realy enjoyed the day coz onboard with us was Sir Peter Barter, the owner of the boat and his crew plus some of the debate officials. We got on the jet ski with Peter as well and we all had a great time together...just the best way to celebrate.

Man it was just so much fun!!!


Up on the top deck. (Reginald, Me, Gloria, Angie & Fabien)
View from the top deck.
A few drinks to cool off the hot sun. (Danny, Reginald, Me)
Getting onboard Kalibobo Spirit

UPNG Team & Danny

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