Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jnr. Toastmasters Kaikai - Divine Word University

The Jnr. Toastmasters Club of Divine Word University

Kaikai at Mr. Passilabban's House - DWU, Madang.

We had our graduation kaikai at Mr. Pasilabban's house on Saturday 16th October. It was fun-filled! We had lots of games and fun before we set out to finish my favourite Filipino dish - "Pansid", I don't know how its spelled but mate I gotta tell you its nice...and we also had cake and ummm...steamed buns!! mmm...yummy...!!!hehehe....yeh it was fun. Thanks Mr Pasilabban and all the Jnr. Toastmasters Graduants of 2010. YOU'RE THE BEST!!

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