Sunday, November 11, 2012

MMJV-Hidden Valley Training Experience

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PSD Training Office, HV
As I promised to put up some news about some of my trainings, here's my onsite training experience with Morobe Mining Joint Venture - Hidden Valley mine.

MMJV has engaged Daltron Training for the first time to conduct some application trainings up at its Hidden Valley campsite, Morobe. We usually have some of their staff come down to our training center to attend trainings but this is the first time they have asked for a trainer hire onsite to conduct some courses.

As a result I have been tasked with the training and am currently up here in Hidden Valley campsite. I am writing this blog from the HR Professional Services Division - Training Office.

Friday 9th Nov, 2012
I arrived at Bulolo airstrip at around 8.00am in the morning and waited for about an hour before the driver took me on a two hour 45km drive uphill to the campsite. The weather was fine so the scenery was really beautiful. The weather got colder as we climbed to the peak of the ridges. After passing through two checkpoints, we finally arrived at the camp site. I was pretty much excited as this was my first onsite training to a mine operation site. After all the usuall security checks and visitor ID pass was given, I was finally taken to the administration building where room keys were given for the next two weeks I'll be spending at the camp.

Saturday 10th Nov.
The weather was very cold up here at the camp and I had to double jackets just to keep myself warm. After breakfast, the Training team had to take me on a short tour of the office and basically where I'll be spending most of the day for the rest of my stay here. Like all other mines, its compulsory that you must be dressed in proper PPE's everyday. My company had arranged for my PPE's before I came up here so I was very much prepared on my side as well. (hehe)

Sunday 11th Nov.
A full day of induction for all new faces in the camp especially new recruits, visitors, and contractors alike. Quite an exhausting day of presentations about the mine and its operations and the different arms or departments that look after each area. There was one presentation that really caught my attention and I learnt something new in it. It was the Search & Rescue Fire presentation. I never really gave a though about the different fire extinguishers and types of fire and which extinguishers to use to put them off. This talk and practical session really opened my eyes and thought me a very valuable lesson. Now I think I know the different types of fire extinguishers that are in our office back at DTC and where and how to use them. Thanks MMJV for this experience and lesson. :)

 Training Commences
Excel 2010 Introduction
We started the Excel 2010 Introduction training on the 13th and finished on the 14th of November. The two days of training was an interesting one. Here are some of the training shots.

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